Information for checked baggage screening inspection system.

"In-Line" screening inspection - It's the system that checked baggage is inspected on the conveyor process after check-in. Your baggage is inspected by the high quality inspection device.

Please do not put dangerous items(*1) and undeveloped films (*2)in the checked baggage.
Please be sure to be at the boarding gate 30minutes prior to your departure.




*1 about dangerous items, please refer to the website.
Dangerous items are not allowed to be carried even in to the aircrafts. open in new tab
*2 about undeveloped films
Please place undeveloped films, including disposable cameras and films in cameras, in your carry-on baggage to avoid to be exposed by the high quality screening device. Our devices will not affect digital cameras, CDs and DVDs.

As a result of inspection, if your checked baggage is suspected to contain hazardous items* such as fireworks, we may request to inspect it again at the boarding gate. In this case, passengers may need to voluntary give up those items.

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