Status of parking area congestion

As of 09:42 11/8/2021

Terminal 1

P1 Vertical parking area Open
P2 Vertical parking area Open
P3 Flat parking area Open
P4 Flat parking area Open

Terminal 2

P5 Flat parking area Open
P6 Flat parking area Open

Click here for Sky View Observation Hall parking information.

Map of Airport Roads and Parking Lot Locations

Parking Fees (P1 - P6)

    Cars (Standard size) Motorcycles
P1 - P6 Dedicated space at the P1 entrance
Regular Fees per 15 min

* Free up to 30 min.
(Full parking charges will apply for vehicles and motorcycles that stay in the parking beyond 30minutes from the time of entry.)

100 - 110 yen 40 - 50 yen
From 6hrs 15min up to 24hrs Uniformly 2,620 yen Uniformly 1,050 yen
Maximum Fees*1 Every 24hrs after initial 24hrs Add maximum 1,570 yen Add maximum 630 yen
Every 24hrs after initial 144hrs Add maximum 1,050 yen Add maximum 420 yen
Discount System *2,3 KIX-ITM Card Members Discount You can get 25% discount if you have 'KIX-ITM Card'.
(The KIX-ITM Card discount will be applied to the net amount after all other discounts have first been applied.)
About KIX-ITM Card (Japanese) open in new tab

*1 100 - 110 yen is charged every 15 minutes, until it reaches the maximum price of each day.

*2 No motorcycle parking spaces are available in P5. Please use the motorcycle parking spaces in P1, and take the free shuttle bus to the Terminal 2 Building.

*3 Once parking vouchers have been inserted, they cannot be taken back out. Please contact a staff member if you need help.

Parking Regulations

Height Limits

Height Limits for Each Parking Area

T1 (Terminal 1)
P1 (Vertical parking area) Up to 2.1m
P2 (Vertical parking area) Up to 2.1m
P3 (Flat parking area) Up to 3.0m
P4 (Flat parking area) Up to 2.5m
T2 (Terminal 2)
P5 (Flat parking area) Up to 3.0m
P6 (Flat parking area) Up to 3.0m

Microbus parking spaces are available in P3 (outdoor parking area) only. (23 microbus spaces)
Large vehicles, such as trucks or campers, may be too tall to fit within the height limits.

Connection to Terminal 1 Bldg.

The 3rd floors of P1 and P2 (multi-storey parking lots) connect directly to the 2nd floor of the Terminal 1 Bldg.
(P1 is located south and P2 is located north.)

Passengers using the Terminal 2 Bldg

Passengers using the Terminal 2 Bldg. should use parking lot P5, P6.

About "Universal Accessibility" parking spaces

"Universal Accessibility" parking spaces are available at P1, P2, and P5.

  • P1: 3rd floor: 20 spaces, 4th floor: 27 spaces (9 spaces are for reserved)
  • P2: 3rd floor: 19 spaces, 4th floor: 10 spaces
  • P5: 23 spaces

Disabled parking spaces are for disabled drivers. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

About Payment by Credit Card

You can use your credit card to pay for parking. Credit cards from the following companies are accepted.

  • JCB
  • Nicos
  • American Express
  • Diners Club
  • VISA
  • Master