Boarding Guide/For Peach passengers. | Departure and arrival procedure done quickly and easily!

International arrival procedures

floor map

Step1.Quarantine/Immigration Procedures

Have your passport ready to complete quarantine and immigration procedures. Foreign travelers will need to fill out an arrival card. (If you keep your passport in a plastic cover please remove it before presenting it to the immigration officer)

Step2.Baggage Claim

Check the information board for the name of your airline and flight no. and collect your baggage from the appropriate carousel. If you cannot find your baggage, show your baggage claim tag to the airline service representative and ask for assistance.

Animal/Plant Quarantine
Passengers bringing meat, plants, fruit and other items into Japan from certain countries or areas will have to undergo inspection.

Step3.Customs Inspection

Take your baggage and proceed to Customs Inspection. If you have items to declare complete the necessary procedures at the appropriate counter.

Step4.To the Arrivals Lobby