Access │ Convenient because the Terminal2 can be accessed by shuttle bus or car.

High-Speed Ferry

KIX ⇔ Kobe Airport around 30 min.
KIX ⇔ Awaji Island (Sumoto) around 60 min.

Access Information High-Speed Ferry

From the Ferry Terminal to Terminal2

Take the shuttle bus after arriving at the Ferry Terminal.
Shuttle buses are timed to match all ferry services.

The shuttle ride from the Ferry Terminal to the Terminal 1 Bldg. takes about 10 minutes, arriving at the 4th floor (International Departures).
The shuttle stops first at Terminal 1 Bldg., then at Terminal 2 Bldg. The shuttle arrives on the first floor of the Terminal 2 Bldg. in about 20 minutes (about 10 minutes after departing the Terminal 1 Bldg.).
※The shuttle bus connecting from the 3rd, 4th and 5th ferry from Awaji Island (Sumoto) will only be stopping at Terminal 1 Bldg. Passengers going to Terminal 2 Bldg. will need to get off at Terminal 1 Bldg. and board the free shuttle bus to Terminal 2 Bldg.

From Terminal2 to the Ferry Terminal

Take the free shuttle bus.
Purchase a ticket from the High-Speed Ferry Ticket Counter at the northern end of Terminal1 on the 1st floor.
Take the bus from Bus Stop No. 12 outside Terminal1 on the 1st floor.
*There is no direct bus from the Terminal 2 Bldg. to the Ferry Terminal.