I went to Universal Studios Japan to see attractions featuring the four most popular anime in Japan, open through June 28. They include Evangelion, Attack on Titan, Biohazard and Monster Hunter The Real. In the Monster Hunter The Real section there were anime monsters created for the attraction and you could take photos of them! After that I went to Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey. I got in a car belonging to the magical world and my 4-D adventure began. The car repeatedly ascended and dropped suddenly, and sometimes it did full revolutions. It was a short-feeling five minutes. And it was extremely powerful.



After a 4-D adventure you're really hungry, right? There is a chicken and corn set available at the restaurant. Of course, the butterbeer that appears in the movie is irresistible. Hogwarts™ Castle, visible from behind the restaurant, is beautiful, so be sure to check it out. It's also a perfect place to take photos.


For lunch, you'll be satiated with traditional court dishes in "Nishijin Uoshin"


If you get off a Hankyu Line train at Ikeda Station, the Instant Ramen Museum is a short walk away. You can rent a free audio guide at information (Available: English & Chinese, deposit is required), so you will understand very well the whole story of how instant ramen was created in 1958 and the tale of its originator. I didn't know instant ramen had made it all the way to space (as food for astronauts). During the Great Hanshin Earthquake, there was even a van sent out to serve hot instant ramen. It's fun to see the history of instant noodles, but you get hungry. So I finally got my long-awaited chance to make my original instant ramen!



Here you can make your own instant ramen. There are so many people! First, decorate a cup with an original drawing. It's interesting how everyone draws a different picture on his cup. Next, choose what goes inside the cup. There is only one kind of noodles, but you can choose the soup and ingredients you prefer. There are 5,460 possible flavor combinations! You will truly be creating your own original instant ramen in a cup!

Visit nishikiori textile factory "Koho Nishikiori Factory"!

The three major recommended spots in the JR Osaka Station area The first spot in the Osaka Station area I recommend is the Ferris wheel at HEP Five! The big, red Ferris wheel is especially recommended for couples. Not only does it afford a 360 degree view of metropolitan Osaka, the Ferris wheel also has great music inside the cars. It almost seems as if you were in a midair music hall. Next is the famous chain store Don Quijote. It has a huge variety of items for sale, almost anything you might want. And when it gets dark, go to the Floating Garden. With a glittering night view from 173 meters up, it is the best spot to go to with that special someone.






At Don Quijote, I bought the cough medicine Ryukakusan! There were various flavors available. I also bought a Zojirushi thermos because it was light and handy! There was a huge variety of items such as chopsticks, takoyaki makers of the kind found in every Japanese home and Totoro lunch boxes. (You'd always finish their lunch with that!) The shelves are overcrowded with products. It also has brand-name goods.


Kamigamo-jinja Shrine, a World Heritage is immense!


Get your fill of fugu (pufferfish) at Hamato in Kuromon Market! The food I ate when I was really starving was none other than the luxury dish fugu. I went to a restaurant called Hamato in Kuromon Market. I ordered the 5,000 yen "hama (beach) set." Transparent fugu sashimi is so delicious you can't help but devour it the moment it passes through your lips. You will find yourself clapping. Fugu skin, deep-fried fugu and a fugu hot pot are also on the menu. The fugu hot pot, with well-boiled fugu and vegetables, is delicious.



After the hot pot, rice, pickled vegetables, egg and nori were brought out. I wondered what was going on, and then the server put the rice in the leftover fugu hot pot soup, broke the egg into it and put in scallions. The server steamed it a little to make fugu zosui (rice porridge). Nori is sprinkled on right before it is eaten. Fugu zosui is a delicacy! I really want to eat it next time, too.


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