You'll have lunch at Kansai Intl Airport, in

Recently trips using low-cost carriers are quite popular! Flights to Kansai International Airport on the LCC Peach arrive at Terminal 2, but there is a free shuttle bus that runs to Terminal 1 and it is very convenient because it runs at frequent intervals. Multilingual staff are permanently stationed at the Kansai Tourist Information Center in Terminal 1 and at transportation providers including Nankai Electric Railway and JR.



I found an interesting spot on the 2nd floor of Kansai International Airport! The KIX Airport Lounge can be used 24 hours per day (fee charged). With beverages, Internet, manga, magazines, a kids' space and showers, it is a good place to relax. When arriving in or departing from Japan, I recommend you use this convenient and comfortable space.


Just one step and you'll be in


After leaving bags at the hotel, I headed for bustling Umeda Station. I found a ramen restaurant that's a hit with young people on the 10th floor of Lucua next to JR Osaka Station. I was hungry so I went in and decided to start with a beer. Next I had gyoza and ramen. I think the gyoza at Japan's ramen restaurants is every bit as delicious as the ramen. By the way, there is also a Kamukura restaurant in the dining area on the 3rd floor of the Kansai International Airport, so you can enjoy its popular flavors in the airport as well.



The Osaka Station area is a bit complex. Osaka Station and Umeda Station are adjacent to each other. Even though they are in the same location, Osaka station is called for JR and Umeda Station is called for the subway and private lines. For the subway, the station is divided into Higashi-Umeda Station and Nishi-Umeda Station. ("Higashi" and "Nishi" mean east and west, respectively.) It may be a bit confusing, however they are the same place and connected by the underground shopping arcade.

We'll have still more fun! Let's go to the floating garden, which is very near USJ.

Projection mapping will be performed from mid-December until early March at Nishinomaru Garden at Osaka Castle. The moment you set foot in the garden you see a light corridor decorated with hundreds of thousands of LEDs, and a blue ocean made of large numbers of LEDS looks like it is undulating with waves. The largest pyramid in Japan stands in the ocean towering over it. Nishinomaru Garden looks like a nightless entertainment district. The projection mapping on Osaka Castle beautifully matches its images and music. Every minute and second it succeeds in winning over everyone watching. It was just like watching a movie.



There are many kinds of tickets, but I recommend a premium ticket. It lets you enter the venue 15 minutes early and comes with one drink. Also, the premium ticket seats are one level higher, so you can experience the intensity of the show to your heart's content. When it is over, go to the food carts, an area filled with good smells.



Kansai International Airport → JR Kansai-airport Station → to JR Osaka Station via Kansai Airport Rapid Service → Hotel check-in → Ramen for dinner at the Lucua location of Kamukura → JR Osaka Station → to Osakajokoen Station via the JR Osaka Loop Line → Osaka Castle Projection Mapping light display → JR Osakajokoen Station →  JR Osaka Station → Hotel

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