Let's go to Boat Race Suminoe to see a speedboat racecourse

I saw a boat-racing stadium for my first time at Boat Race Suminoe! Six boats compete. It's easy to identify the boat one supports because there are rules concerning the players' uniform and the colors and numbers of the boats. There are twelve races everyday. Every race lasts about 2 minutes and consists of going around a 600-meter round course three times. Everyone cheers like crazy during the little while of each play! From April to November, they hold races also at night; so it's a good place to visit when one has nothing to do at night.



"It's interesting that there are people making their lives by guessing who will be the champion. They write their guesses on tickets behind the counters. So people who believe that only need to buy them. Some people thank them if they guess right! What would happen if they guess wrong? "


At last, let's visit Tajiri Historic House, a luxurious building.


Tajiri Historic House is a curious building with a western style building, a Japanese style building, a storehouse and a tea ceremony room on the premises. Since it shows material of the highest quality at its time, no matter where one looks at, one might exclaim "ah, what a luxury!" It has stained glass with flower motifs in the luxurious window frames and mild light fills the interior of the building making people relax. You might feel that you have been invited to someone's mansion just by taking off your shoes at the entrance and wear slippers. As for the Japanese style building, the garden is amazing; it's unbelievable that no admission fee is required.



Café Bellamente, a café in the first floor, is very nostalgic. Prices were cheaper than I thought; 450 Yen for coffee. I had my desired experience of being in a nostalgic café. It's really interesting to visit someone's residence! Go in every room and see everything; that's a real feeling of adventure!

Have a big lunch contemplating Marble Beach!

Marble Beach, a beach chosen to be the sanctuary of lovers, is a very romantic beach with a wide and very white shore, where the airplanes departing from, and arriving in KIX are seen in the blue sky. It's just in front of AEON shopping center; good to shop before going back to your country. Beside the beach, you'll find the vegetable direct sales store and the restaurant Ryoshinchi. Ryoshinchi is directly run by the Fisheries Cooperative Association; there you can eat fresh and cheap seafood. You'll eat a lot there; so be sure to be hungry before going there.



A big seafood bowl. Dishes combining tuna, salmon, octopus, lobster, squid, and salmon roe! The fried sea eel of the anagotendon is enormous anyway, really gigantic. All this for only 850 yen; it's really amazing.



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