Today, let's go to Suntory Yamazaki Distillery by JR!

Today, we go to Kyoto. I hadn't thought that Osaka and Kyoto were so near. It only takes 30 minutes by JR from Osaka Station to Yamazaki Station, where Suntory Yamazaki Distillery is located, and about 10 minutes to walk from Yamazaki Station to Suntory Yamazaki Distillery's entrance. It's like if it were in the forest, abundant greenery; it's very pleasant. After entering, while waiting for the guided tour (needs reservation) to start, I didn't get bored at all, because I looked at many things and enjoyed taking pictures. After the tour, you can also have a taste; Whisky tastes wonderfully. Buying presents at the souvenir shop is also enjoyable!



The guides speak only Japanese, but there is earphone guide service in English, French and Chinese for foreigners. The Yamazaki single malt whisky that I tasted, particularly combined with chocolate, was exquisite. There is also "Natchan" and "Iemon" for the people who can't drink alcohol.


For lunch, you'll be satiated with traditional court dishes in "Nishijin Uoshin"


An old shop founded in 1855. I ate court dishes in a historic store whose staff went in and out of Kyoto Imperial Palace to serve the Emperor's family! Ebisu statue and nice hinaningyo dolls greeted me at the front door. It happened to be Hinamatsuri (Doll Festival) when I visited the store. The hostess also showed me the hinaningyo dolls on the second floor and I felt the historic significance of everything in the store; it's a store with more than 150 years of history! I was impressed! The food consists of eight dishes from the appetizer to the dessert. The food makes us enjoy the four seasons, since products of each season are used with elaborated utensils and serving manners.



The color of the tofu of the appetizer was the result of three layers, the pink color was shiso and the black under it was gomadofu. The soup is said to symbolize the hinamatsuri; it had, under the Japanese radish, bow-knotted mochi with the three colors, red, green and yellow. As I finished eating all the dishes of the course, I felt I had learned the good original taste of the ingredients.

Visit nishikiori textile factory "Koho Nishikiori Factory"!

You can visit the textile factory of a textile artist representing Japan, Koho Tatsumura (needs reservation)! Works of art are shown in a factory built with traditional techniques that are characteristic of Kyoto. It's impressive, the beauty different from pictures resulting from adding the three-dimensional feeling of textiles to pictorial beauty. In the factory, there are nishikiori textile machines and it's also possible to experience how to make textile! There are many threads of splendid tints and suitable for flowery nishikiori and bigger than I thought.



The works are arranged on the wall like pictures as a matter of course. Since they are three-dimensional textile works, they look different depending on the angle from which they are viewed.


Kamigamo-jinja Shrine, a World Heritage is immense!


The precincts of Kamigamo-jinja Shrine are ample and there's plenty of greenery. After passing the Nino-torii Gate of Kamigamo-jinja Shrine, there is the hall of worship called "hosodono" and in front of that, there are two piles of ceremonial sand in shape of strange cones made of white sand on the left and right side. Almost all foreigners might wonder what's this! This is tatezuna; it's said to be the first purification sand. And at the Kataoka-no-yashiro that says that the writer of the Tale of Genji, Murasaki Shikibu worshipped and prayed to find a lover, you can find heart-shaped horse pictures; very nice! People might find their lovers here.



Kamigamo-jinja shrine is the birthplace of Japanese horse riding. It seems that there are religious services concerning horses in January, May and October. The sculpture of a horse at the entrance of the main sanctuary of Kamigamo-jinja Shrine! Nice!

Nice and tasty! The confections of Kitayama Malebranche

It's a western confectionery shop open in Kitayama, Kyoto in 1982. There are many original sweets and among them, the koicha cat tongue "Cha No Ka" is its primary product; it has appeared in the New York Times. Cha No Ka is a thin cookie of koicha tea with white chocolate inside; it has a strong tea smell. There are also cakes and such cakes of delicate nice design are too good to be eaten.



The strawberry shortcake sold only at Kitayama main store is honey cake made with organic eggs. The cloud-like, fresh, spongy cream superbly matches with the sweet-sour fresh strawberries and seems to make it more and more tasty. Pure and sweet taste; I feel to be in a land of dreams!


Guided by the light of the lanterns, let's go to Kagaribi, the store of the tasty tofu


Kagaribi is at Maruyama Park, right beside Yasaka Shrine. The lanterns called "Kagaribi", which is the name of the store, produce an unreal impression in the park, which gets totally dark at night. I went in by the front door like one of a Japanese inn and had the Boiled-tofu Course Sakura in a tatami room. Tofu is really soft and tasty. Besides, all the other dishes, such as yuba, tempura and dengaku (tofu baked and coated with white miso) are all tasty and will satisfy your stomach. After that, I came back to Umeda and made a stop at Don Quijote. You'll find everything there!



The tofu of dengaku is juicy and the white miso is soft and sweet. That combination is wonderful. Also the boiled tofu, I devoured that hot and soft tofu. Ah, tasty! In Umeda, I bought a ceramic knife in Don Quijote; I'm so satisfied!


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