You'll have lunch at Kansai Intl Airport, in

Arrival at Kansai International Airport. The Airport is so cleanly and it feels so good here! I'm hungry, so I'll explore the restaurants in the second and third floors at Terminal 1! Here it is! "Machiyakoji" (second floor of Terminal 1)! You can find all sorts of the popular good food of Kansai, characteristic of Osaka, "the capital city of food". The food court, with its various stores of sushi, okonomiyaki, takoyaki and so on, is wonderful for people who want to taste everything.



On the first floor of KIX, you'll find Kansai Tourist Information Center and the Chinese-speaking staff are really nice. You can also get the latest discount information and the route maps of Kansai Railway at the counter! Isn't it practical? At the travel counter, you can also reserve hotel rooms and buy all kinds of transportation tickets. You can also buy yen there; it's very convenient!


Just one step and you'll be in


Let's leave the baggage in the hotel and go to USJ. Just one step and we can't help but smile! It's really pleasant here. At "Hello Kitty Fashion Avenue", you can buy nice Kitty goods; there is also a "Kitty color cafe", anyway, there is a colorful thrilling atmosphere that will make you excited. At Spider-Man Ride, you can experience impressive 3-D attractions, such as a hot blast from an explosion or a spray shower. At night, it gets partially illuminated, thus changing to an unreal atmosphere; it's romantic.



The Kitty of "Hello Kitty Fashion Avenue" wears fashionable clothes, a nice ribbon on her head and high heels. It's a fashionable style enviable to girls, isn't it? Also, you can see interviews of "Hello Kitty" and take commemorative pictures with Kitty at that place.

We'll have still more fun! Let's go to the floating garden, which is very near USJ.

It only takes twelve minutes from Universal City Station to Osaka Station. You'll arrive in the floating garden after walking for ten minutes from Osaka Station! First, let's go to Takimikoji, an area of old-fashioned restaurants that reproduces the looks of the old-time town, right under the floating garden. Why not to have dinner in teppanyaki restaurant "En", looking around, imagining the looks of Japan's old-time towns. We roast many things on a hot plate in front of us (teppanyaki) and eat them. After dinner, let's go to the floating garden. On the tower, you'll have the view of the world all around you seen from the 40th floor! You can enjoy Osaka night view to its full extent.



Tonpeiyaki is soft, perhaps a menu also suitable for breakfast! Wagyu stake is bite-sized and easy to eat. The last thing of teppanyaki is, of course, yakisoba (fried noodles with vegetables and meat). It has lots of vegetables and the noodles are thick; it's tasty. "Tsubaki course meal", eating a little of everything, is also good!



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