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Airport Lounge



The 24-hour-open airport lounge in Japan, with a function of Internet Cafe.

Business Hours: Open 24 hours
Information: +81(0)72-455-4058
*No advanced reservations

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Usage by customers under the age of 18

Due to Osaka Prefectural Ordinance of Juvenile Protection, customers under the age of 16 cannot use the lounge between the hours of 10:00 PM and 5:00 AM, and customers under the age of 16 when accompanied by a guardian and customers with the ages of 16 and 17 cannot use the lounge between the hours of 10:00 PM and 5:00 AM.
Thank you for your cooperation.

Terminal 1 Bldg.
2F(North): Map

Airline Lounges

Airline companies provide special lounges (waiting rooms) for their customers. For conditions of use and further information, contact your airline.

Shops Location
Terminal 1 Bldg.
KIX AIRSIDE LOUNGE International Gate Area Center:Map1
KIX NORTH LOUNGE International Gate Area Center:Map2
Asuka International Gate Area North Wings:Map1
Lounge Pacific International Gate Area North Wings:Map3
Royal Orchid Lounge International Gate Area North Wings:Map5
> International flights
International Gate Area North Wings:Map6
Domestic Gate Area:Map1
> International flights
> Domestic flights
International Gate Area South Wings:Map1
Domestic Gate Area:Map2


  • Showers

KIX has coin-operated showers that you are welcome to use on arrival or while in transit at the airport. Use them to freshen up after a long journey.
*Shampoo, conditioner and body soap are provided.

Detail Location
Terminal 1 Bldg.
"KIX AIRPORT LOUNGE" Shower rooms in the KIX AIRPORT LOUNGE (5 rooms total).

Business Hours: Lounge and showers both 24 hours a day
*Showers may sometimes be closed temporarily for cleaning and maintenance purposes
Charge: Shower-only 510 yen/15 minutes, when using the lounge 310 yen/15 minutes, towels from 216 yen
Information: +81(0)72-455-4058
Shower Room Business Hours: Open 24 hours a day
Charge: 600 yen/15 minutes
International Gate Area Center(North):Map
Shower Room Business Hours: Open 24 hours a day
Charge: 500 yen/15 minutes

Refreshment Facilities



A rest space featuring the Lounge Area and the Relaxation Area

The Lounge Area offers two types of rest spaces, individual booths and group rooms, with free drinks and wireless LAN service.

The Relaxation Area offers various courses including the upper body course, facial pressure points, foot pressure points, and a full body course, from 10 minute courses to long courses.

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Detail Location
Lounge Area Information: +81(0)72-455-4140
*No advanced reservations
Business hours: Open 24 hours
Relaxation Area Information: +81(0)72-456-6606
Reception hours: 09:30 - 21:00

Quick Relaxation

Relaxation Forest

  • Relaxation Forest

Have a few spare moments or a long wait between connecting flights? Refresh both body and soul with a quick relaxation. A variety of options are available, from a quick 10 minute course, to foot, facial and full-body relaxation.

Click here for further information regarding quick relaxation

Detail Location
Terminal 1 Bldg.
Terminal shop Information: +81(0)72-456-6606
Hours: 08:00 - 21:00
3F (South)
Information: +81(0)72-456-6606
Hours: 09:30 - 21:00

Raffine KIX Branch

  • Raffine Raffine

Raffine provides you with a stress-free break. In French, the word "raffine" means "refinement." You can enjoy a luxurious and relaxing break in which you will be treated to heartfelt hospitality and a variety of relaxation techniques such as reflexology, hand reflexology, and body care—all carried out by hand.
How about taking one more stress-free trip to put your body and mind at ease either before or after the trip that you came to KIX for?

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Information: +81(0)72-456-6475
Hours: 08:00 - 21:30
The last registration time: 21:00

Terminal 1 Bldg.

VIP Rooms / Conference Room

Kansai International Airport Co Ltd. operates a VIP room, which can be used as a meeting place for group tours and briefings, or as a conference room at the airport, and a service counter which can be used for meeting and greeting arriving passengers. Both services are fee-based and require reservations.
Please be sure to check the following details before applying:

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Operated by: Kansai Airport Agency Co Ltd.
Information: Phone: +81(0)72-455-2328
Reservations accepted: 10:00 - 17:00 (Also accepted on Sat/Sun & Public Holidays)
Reservations Desk: KIX-ITM Card Counter
Location: Terminal 1 Bldg. 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4Fs


Smoking Rooms

  • International Gate AreaTerminal 1 Bldg.
  • Domestic Gate AreaTerminal 1 Bldg.
    Domestic Gate Area
  • AeroplazaAeroplaza

Smoking is prohibited inside and outside the terminal building at Kansai International Airport except smoking rooms and the designated smoking area at some restaurants.
For location of smoking rooms(all completely closed-off), please click the box below.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in our smoke-free policy.

Click for details on the total smoking ban in Passenger Terminal Building and Aeroplaza restaurants

Terminal 1 Bldg.
1F: Map
2F: Map
3F: Map
4F: Map
International Gate Area North Wings: Map
International Gate Area South Wings: Map
Domestic Gate Area: Map
Terminal 2 Bldg.
Public area(International): Map
Public area(Domestic): Map
International Gate Area: Map
Domestic Gate Area: Map
2F: Map
3F: Map