International Departure Procedures

International Departure Process

1. Check-In 2. Security Check3. Departure Formalities4. To Boarding Gate

Map of 3rd floor showing international departure process

1. Check-In

Make sure you arrive at the airport two hours before departure.
Check in at the appropriate airline counter in the 4th floor International Departures Lobby. Carefully check the name of your airline and tour group, and complete check in early.

Airline Information
Group Check-In Counters
About the Passenger Service Facilities Charge (PSFC) & the Passenger Security Service Charge (PSSC)
Prohibited Shipping Items and Restricted Carry-On Items

  • Check-In

2. Security Check

Carry-on baggage inspection and body search.

Prohibited Shipping Items and Restricted Carry-On Items

  • Security Check
*According to the guidance of Japanese Authority, there are no Posts after the Security Check point. Sorry for inconvenience and thank you for your understandings.

3. Departure Formalities

At the Departure Formalities Counter you will need to present your passport and your boarding pass. Foreign travelers (only those who wish to re-enter) will need to fill out an embarkation card. (If you keep your passport in a plastic cover please remove it before presenting it to the immigration officer)

Operation of Automated Gates for immigration examination(User’s Guide)

  • Departure Formalities

4. To Boarding Gates

Passengers boarding at Gate 1-16, 26-41
Take the red Wing Shuttle(AGT) to your boarding gate.
Passengers boarding at Gate 101-103, 111-113
Go to the departure gate by foot (not taking the shuttle), following the directions.
Your boarding gate will be decided on the day of your flight.Check it when your arrive at the airport by asking the airline staff, your travel agent, or by consulting the flight board.

  • Boarding gates