We have compiled a list of questions that customers often ask.
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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How can I find flight information?

Please see the following links or dial the phone number below for flight information.

Kansai International Airport Website Flight Information
Phone Kansai International Airport Flight Information
Ph: +81(0)72-455-2500
(Guidance via recorded message)

Q2. What number do I call for the lost and found desk?

The place where you should inquire about lost property will differ according to where the item in question was lost. Call Kansai International Airport Information (Ph:+81(0)72-455-2500) for general inquiries regarding lost items. If you are at the airport, either ask at the Information Center on the North side of the 2nd floor or any of the Information Counters on each floor of the Passenger Terminal 1 Building, or at the Information Center in the center of the Passenger Terminal 2 Building.
If you have lost an item outside the area that Kansai Airports is responsible for, we may not be able to assist you directly. However we can provide you with contact information for the relevant authorities. Please see the chart below:

Area Direct inquiries to Phone
International Departures - Gates - Customs and Immigration Kansai International Airport Customs Terminal 1 Bldg.
Terminal 2 Bldg.
On-Board / Check-In Counter Airlines Locate your airline
In the Airport Station / In the train JR Kansai Airport Station 0570-00-2486
Nankai Kansai Airport Station +81(0)72-456-6203
Ferry Terminal / On-board ferry To Kobe +81(0)78-304-0900
On-board bus Kansai Airport Transport Enterprise Ltd (Limousine Bus) +81(0)72-461-1374
Guest Rooms / Lobby of Hotel Nikko Kansai Airport Hotel Nikko Kansai Airport +81(0)72-455-1111

Q3. Where can I find the baggage delivery counter?

Counters are located at both the northern and southern ends of the 1st (International Arrivals) and 4th (International Departures) floors of Terminal 1 Building. (There are no counters in the Passenger Terminal 2 Building.) The 4th floor counter offers a pick up service for carry-on baggage (Delivery of baggage between your house and the airport / Please book over the phone 3-4 days before your flight). The 1st floor counter offers a delivery service for souvenirs brought back from overseas and suitcases.
The 7-Eleven on the 1st floor of the Passenger Terminal 2 Building also offers a delivery service.

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Q4. Where can I leave my bags at the airport?

- Baggage Counters
There are temporary storage facilities for carry-on baggage at the northern and southern ends of the 1st and 4th floors of the Terminal 1 Building. The northern counters are operated by Kansai Airport Baggage Service, and the southern counters are operated by JAL ABC.

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- Coin lockers
Coin lockers can be found on the 2nd floor of the Passenger Terminal Building at the northern and southern Domestic Departure Gates (2 locations, 104 lockers).
Coin lockers can be found on the 1st floor of the Passenger Terminal 2 Building.

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Q5. Where can I park my car at the airport? How much does parking cost?

For more information regarding car parks please see the "Information for Drivers" page.

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Q6. What do I need to know about security checks?

For information regarding security checks, and prohibited carry-on items, please see the following page about prohibited items and restrictions on carry-on baggage.

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Q7. Are there guided tours of the airport?

You are free to look around all areas in the Passenger Terminal Building that do not have restricted access. If you would like to see planes taking off and landing please use the Sky View Observation Hall.

Q8. Can I bring my pet with me?

Pets in the Passenger Terminal Building
As a general rule, the only animals allowed in the Passenger Terminal Building are guide dogs and service dogs. However, small animals are allowed under the proviso that they are kept in a cage at all times and do not annoy other customers.
- Pets on-board aircraft
Please see the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries Animal Quarantine Service for information regarding transporting pets overseas. Please consult your airline regarding the relevant procedures for sending pets. Ask your airline directly about sending pets within Japan.

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Q9. About the Passenger Service Facilities Charge (PSFC) and the Passenger Security Service Charge (PSSC)

The amount of the Passenger Service Facilities Charge (PSFC) differs for each terminal. The Passenger Security Service Charge (PSSC) is the same for each terminal building. For more information regarding these charges, please see the following page.

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Disabled Customers

Q1. Is KIX wheelchair-friendly?

Yes! It is easy to move between floors in the Passenger Terminal Buildings via elevator or escalators and ramps that are designed for wheelchair use. All elevators have floor buttons at a height that is easily accessible from a wheelchair. The majority of toilets at KIX have facilities for disabled users.

Q2. What provisions are made for the visually-impaired?

Braille blocks lead from train platforms and bus stops to the central information counter on each floor. The staff at the information counter will be happy to guide you to the check-in counter for your airline. Airline staff will guide you onto your aircraft from the check-in counter.
When arriving Braille blocks will also guide you to the central information counter and to the bus stops and airport station. Staff will also guide you from the information counter to the bus stops, airport station or car park.

Q3. I'm hearing-impaired. How do I go about contacting family from KIX?

The information center and all information counters at KIX offer a free fax service for hearing impaired customers. Feel free to make use of this service to fax home or contact friends.

Q4. I have limited mobility. Can I rent a wheelchair at KIX?

The Information Center and all Information Counters offer a free wheelchair rental service for the elderly and customers with limited mobility. Interphones which connect to the Central Information Counter are located at the entrance of the Passenger Terminal Building and at the Arrival Gates. Use these to call the information center staff and they will bring a wheelchair to you.

Q5. I'm driving to KIX. Is it possible to drop off a wheelchair close to the entrance of the Passenger Terminal Building?

There are wheelchair ramps for disabled customers on the International Arrivals (1st floor) and International Departures (4th floor) of the Teminal 1 Builing in both the ordinary traffic and taxi lanes.
There is an interphone at the drop-off area on the 4th floor that connects to the Central Information Counter on the same floor. Feel free to call the Information Counter staff if you would like to rent a wheelchair or require assistance.
The Information Centers in the Passenger Terminal 1 and 2 Buildings and the Information Counters on every floor issue discounted parking coupons for disabled customers. Remember to bring your Disabled Persons Pass Book (Shintai-shogaisha Techo) and original parking slip to receive parking coupons.