This page gives contact details for various kinds of inquiries at KIX. Please check the FAQ page before making any inquiries as you may be able to find the answer to your question there.

Lost Property Inquiries by Telephone

Contact the Lost & Found Desk of the authority responsible for the area where the item was lost

The place where you should inquire about lost property will differ according to where the item in question was lost. Click the link below for contact details for lost property inquiries.

Contact details for lost property inquiries by area

Other Inquiries


  • Baggage (including baggage for storage, and carry-on baggage) size and weight restrictions, prohibited carry-on items, lost or damaged baggage and delayed arrivals.
  • Reservations and prices for airline tickets.
  • Messages to airline passengers (Direct inquires to the airline in question).

Contact Information for Airlines Operating from KIX

TransportTrainBusTaxiHigh-Speed Ferry


JR-West Customer Center +81(0)570-00-2486
(Local phone charges only when using a land phone.)

(Charges apply when using a mobile phone, etc)
Nankai Railways
Kansai Airport Station


Kansai Airport Transportation Enterprise Ltd (KATE) Information/Lost & Found
OCAT (Osaka City Air Terminal)
(KIX <--> JR Namba)


Kansai International Airport Taxi Association +81(0)72-456-6598

Airport Shuttles/Shared Ride Taxis

Skygateshuttles (MK Taxis)
(Shared Ride Taxis)
Yasaka Kanku Shuttles
(Shared Ride Taxis)

High-Speed Ferry

(KIX <--> Kobe Airport)
Reservation Center

CIQ Organizations/PoliceCustomsImmigrationPolice

Inquiries related to Import Restrictions/Customs Payments etc

Kansai Airport Branch Customs +81(0)72-455-1600

Inquiries related to Passport Control

Kansai Airport District Immigration Office +81(0)72-455-1453

Inquiries related to Health Issues

Kansai Airport Quarantine Station +81(0)72-455-9012

Inquiries related to Import/Export of Animals and Meat Products

Inquiries related to Import/Export of Plants

Kobe Plant Protection Station
- KIX Offices

Inquiries related to Airport Security

KIX Police Station
(Osaka Prefectural Police Department Headquarters)

Inquiries/Opinions by E-mail

Click the button below to contact KIX by e-mail. KIX welcomes your feedback and ideas. Please note that we may require some time to get back to you.If you would like an answer quickly, please make your inquiry by phone.


KIX Information/Flight Information by Telephone

Contact the Information Center +81(0)72-455-2500
(24 hour audio guidance by recorded message)

We are receiving increasing numbers of wrong calls. Please verify the phone number before you make a phone call.

When you call the information center, you will first be directed to an automatic answering service. Follow the audio instructions to obtain information regarding the service you require.

Calling the Information Center
(24 hour audio guidance by recorded message)

Call the Information Center +81(0)72-455-2500 (Available 24 hours)

<Recorded Message> This is the Kansai International Airport Information Desk. Thank you for your call.
To hear today's arrival and departure times, press 1.
To have today's flight information sent to you by fax, press 2.
To speak to an operator, press 3.

<Recorded Message> For domestic flight information, press 1.
For international flight information, press 2.
To speak to an operator, press 3.
Receive a fax
Receive a fax
Talk to an operator
Talk to an operator