Taxi Stands

Terminal 1 Bldg.

T1 Taxi Stands

1 Reserved Taxis (South) 2 Wakayama 3 Short distance 4 Disabled
5 Long Distance 6 Airport Shuttle Buses 7 Reserved Taxis (North)    

Terminal 2 Bldg.

Nov 22, Taxi stand has been moved.
We apologize for the inconvenience.Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

T2 Taxi Stands

Kansai International Airport Taxi Association

Times & Fares

Approximate times and fares to major destinations.

Destination Approx. Time Approx. Fare
Itami Airport Osaka Airport 70 min 20,220 yen
Central Osaka city Namba 50 min *Standard price shown below applies
Umeda 50 min *Standard price shown below applies
Shin-Osaka 60 min 18,220 yen
Tennoji 50 min 17,720 yen
Osaka Prefecture Izumisano 20 min 4,240 yen
Kishiwada 25 min 7,130 yen
Sakai 40 min 12,000 yen
Suita 60 min 21,220 yen
Ibaraki 60 min 23,990 yen
Senrichuo 70 min 21,220 yen
Hyogo Prefecture Nishinomiya 50 min 21,220 yen
Kobe Sannomiya 70 min 23,220 yen
Nara JR Nara 90 min 25,100 yen
Kyoto JR Kyoto 120 min 30,800 yen
Shiga Hikone 180 min 51,700 yen
Wakayama JR Wakayama 40 min 13,770 yen

*Fares include estimated expressway costs and bridge tolls.
*Late night fares are different to the fares indicated in the above chart.

New! Standard taxi fares from Kansai International Airport to central Osaka.

(From 1 April 2014)

【Kita-ku, Osaka city】JR Osaka Station, Hankyu/Hanshin Umeda Station, etc.
- Standard fare: Medium size/14,500 JPY, Small cars/13,000 JPY
- Late night fare: Medium size/17,000 JPY, Small cars/15,500 JPY

【Chuo-ku, Osaka city】Honmachi/Yodoyabashi/Namba Station, etc. (JR/Nankai/Kintetsu/Subway)
- Standard fare: Medium size/14,000 JPY, Small cars/13,000 JPY
- Late night fare: Medium size/16,500 JPY, Small cars/15,500 JPY

*Other required fees
Kansai International Airport Access Bridge toll, Hanshin Expressway toll

Airport Shuttles (Shared Ride)

Kansai International Airport offers a shared ride shuttle service to and from the airport. Shuttle buses can take up to nine passengers and can pick you up and drop you off at your accommodation in time with your flight.
Taking a shuttle bus means that you can relax before or after your flight; there's no need to subject yourself to the stress of driving in heavy traffic, and because the driver will look after your baggage, no need to lug heavy suitcases around either. Reservations are accepted from just one passenger. Credit cards and taxi cards are accepted.
For reservations and fare information please see the website of the appropriate company:
Airport Shuttles (Shared Ride)

MK Skygateshuttles (KIX <-> Kyoto City and Environs/Kobe City)
Yasaka Kanku Shuttles (KIX <-> Kyoto City)